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All The Queen’s Men - “News of the World”

Texas Wrestling Legend Spoiler 2K joins Nigel Rabid and Wil Riggs to talk Queen, News of the World, and Fight from the Inside!

Rigged & Ridiculous - S01E04

Wil Riggs & Greggo, joined by Nigel Rabid, discuss the best sports moments, Craigslist Love, In or Out, and we talk Robert Kraft!

All The Queen’s Men - Bohemian Rhapsody The Movie Part II

Nigel Rabid and Wil Riggs continue the discussion from last week about Bohemian Rhapsody the movie, the soundtrack, and the amazing work of the filmmakers, cast, and musicians who made it possible.

Rigged & Ridiculous - Episode III

Nigel Rabid joins Greggo and Wil Riggs to talk sports, fun, and the Top 20 Rock Guitarists of ALL TIME!

Rigged & Ridiculous - Episode II - “We’re Still Here! We’re Still Here!”

Wil Riggs and Greggo bring you "Rigged & Ridiculous" Episode 2!  This week we unveiled a new segment called "In or Out", gave you another fun segment of "Craigslist Love" and Greggo's List!  The Top 25 Movie Lines of all time.  What came in at #1?  Tune in and listen to find out!